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Upholstery Cleaning? We Have You Covered!
We know it is equally important to your home as well las your office. Old, worn out, and stained upholstery leaves your furniture looking gross. Even if your furniture is still in good shape and doesn’t need to be replaced, it needs it’s stains and odours taken care of fast. When your sofas and furniture are covered in dirt, mud, food stains, and pet hair and stains leaves your sofas filthy and smelly. Before you spend the money replacing your furniture, have us clean them first. You’ll spend a fraction of a cost cleaning them than you will buying brand new furniture.Cleaning your upholstery is important to us. Whether it’s your living room furniture set at home or the seats in your waiting room, your furniture needs to look great for those you care about. That’s why we take care to make them look new again with quality steam cleaning and upholstery cleaners. You’ll be amazed at how great they look! We can even apply a layer of Scotch Guard to leave them looking great for longer. When you need the best in local upholstery cleaning, you need Delta Carpet Cleaning!
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